New York Times "Off the Menu" | Openings

January 12, 2018

Florence Fabricant entices readers to try Scriptum Brooklyn's [scroll down to report on SB Restaurant and Wine Bar's] signature Sun and Moon pizza, sip at the hands of its experienced mixologist and languish in SB's impressing lounge and bar. 

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Restaurant roundup: ... SB Restaurant & Wine Bar

Jauary 29, 2018

SB -- Scriptum Brooklyn -- appreciates Free Williamsburg giving SB a "nod" to promote our opening.  SB welcomes all Williamsburg and beyond diners.  Family friendly.  

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Brooklyn's Journal Gives Us A Thumbs Up

February 23 2018

Creator & Editor, Nat C, visited Scriptum Brooklyn [SB] four times ... and we're glad she did!  

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NY Trendy Moms

March 26, 2018


One of my Spring resolutions is to spend less time on social media and have more real time encounters with inspiring women. Over the weekend I set up a nice brunch with a few women who I wanted to rub off energies with. We visited Scriptum located on 65 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249.  


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